Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Science, Kyushu University

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Address: 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan

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Research Groups and Staff Members

Earth Planetary Fluid and Space Sciences

Solar Terrestrial Physics
Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interaction, Magnetospheric Dynamo, Substorms

Associate ProfessorMasakazu Watanabe, DSc

Space and Earth Electromagnetism
Space Weather, Aurora, Electromagnetic Fields, and Plasma Fluctuations in the Sun-Earth System

Associate ProfessorHideaki Kawano, DSc
Associate ProfessorAkimasa Yoshikawa, DSc

Atmospheric and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics of Earth and Planets, Middle Atmosphere Physics, Ozone Hole, Upper Atmosphere Physics, Data Analyses, Theoretical Studies, Numerical Simulations

ProfessorToshihiko Hirooka, DSc
Associate ProfessorYasunobu Miyoshi, DSc
Associate ProfessorHuixin Liu, DSc
Assistant ProfessorKensuke Nakajima, DSc

Meteorology and Climate Dynamics
Climate System, Monsoon, Cyclones, Extreme Weather, Severe Storms, Cloud Dynamics

ProfessorRyuichi Kawamura, DSc
Associate ProfessorTakashi Mochizuki, DSc
Assistant ProfessorTetsuya Kawano, DSc

Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of Earth and Planets

Deep Earth Physics
Seismology, Geomagnetism and Solid Earth Geophysics

Professor Satoshi Kaneshima, DSc
Associate ProfessorFutoshi Takahasi, DSc

Dynamics of the Earth's Interior
Mantle Dynamics, Core Dynamics, Rheology and Fluid Dynamics inside the Earth

Associate ProfessorShigeo Yoshida, DSc

Petrology and Volcanology
Study of dynamics of volcanic eruptions, formation mechanism of rock pattern, vesiculation, crystallization and flow of magmas. Study of physico-chemical processes in the deep crust and upper mantle using metamorphic rocks. Study of the origin of rocks on the basis of the geochemical theory

ProfessorAtsushi Toramaru, DSc
Associate ProfessorTakeshi Ikeda, DSc
Assistant ProfessorTomoharu Miyamoto, DSc

Earth's Geologic Evolution
Sedimentary and Tectonic Evolutions, Sedimentary Petrology, Earth's History

ProfessorTetsuji Onoue, DSc
Associate ProfessorShoichi Kiyokawa, DSc
Assistant ProfessorAtsuko Yamazaki, DSc

Paleoenvironmental Science
Quatemary Environmental Changes, Paleoceanography, Ocean particle flux study

Associate ProfessorKaoru Kashima, DSc
Associate ProfessorYusuke Okazaki, DSc

Observational Seismology and Volcanology
Seismotectonics, Volcano Geophysics, Earthquake Prediction, Prediction of Volcanic Eruptions, Marine Seismology

ProfessorHiroshi Shimizu, DSc
Associate ProfessorSatoshi Matsumoto, DSc
Associate ProfessorTakeshi Matsushima, DSc
Associate ProfessorKoki Aizawa, DSc

Material Science of Solar Planets

Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Study of the Formation and Evolution of the Solar System and Extra-Solar Planetary Systems by Means of Theoretical Physics, Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Extraterrestrial Materials(Meteorites)

ProfessorMinoru Sekiya, DSc
Associate ProfessorMasahiro Machida, DSc
Associate ProfessorRyuji Okazaki, DSc

Organic Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Origin of Life, Chemical Evolution, Organic Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Archaeal Lipid Membrane, Meteorites

ProfessorHiroshi Naraoka, DSc
Associate ProfessorNoriaki Yamauchi, DSc
Assistant ProfessorFumio Kitajima, DSc

Inorganic Geochemistry for the Biosphere
Biological Contributions to the Geochemical Environment, Water/Rock Interactions, Seafloor Hydrothermal System, Aquatic Geochemistry, Isotope Geochemistry

ProfessorTasuku Akagi, DSc
Associate ProfessorJunichiro Ishibashi, DSc

Mineral Physics, High Pressure Science, Solid Earth Geochemistry

ProfessorTomoaki Kubo, DSc
Assistant ProfessorSeiichiro Uehara, DSc

Mineralogical Study of Extraterrestrial Materials
Study of the Formation of the Solar System, and the Processes Acting on the Surface of Airless Solar System Bodies Based on the Mineralogical Analysis of Meteorites, Cosmic Dust, and the Return Samples.

Professor                Takaaki Noguchi, DSc

Paleobiology and Mineral History

Paleontology and Mineral History
Paleontology, Paleoecology, Taphonomy

ProfessorHaruyoshi Maeda, DSc
Assistant ProfessorYasuhiro Ito, DSc

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